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Washingtonian Magazine Restaurant/Bar Reviews iPhone App

In order to help further Washingtonian Magazine's brand image as the source for, among other things, the best restaurant and bar reviews in the DC metro area, SCALE helped Washingtonian bring it's Restaurant and Happy Hour reviews to mobile devices with the WashMag iPhone app. Inside the app readers can browse lists of all restaurants or bars, as well as search for specific features such as neighborhood, cuisine, cost or by Washingtonian's picks such as it's signature 100 Best Restaurants or Cheap Eats. Washingtonian supported the development cost of this app with CMS-controlled sponsor advertising: the client is able to sell the ad package and then control the sponsor logo, small and large ads and the URL they link to via a simple Web interface. Because no third-party app server is involved, the client is able to capture and retain 100% of the revenue related to ad sales.