Washingtonian.com Redesign


Washingtonian Magazine needed to reexamine the structure and design of their site after implementing a new content management system. While the magazine is the definitive source of information for those who live, work and play in the DC area, the younger-trending web audience disproportionally visited food-related content and didn't take full advantage of everything the site had to offer.


The rearchitected and redesigned site tie in closer with the Washingtonian brand as exhibited in the long-standing, well-respected print magazine and cleanly communicated other ways that Washingtonian.com can enhance visitors lifestyle. The site saw a significant increase in visitor time spent on the site, number of pages and sections visited by visitors. This increase boosted ad inventory and visibility to advertisers, resulting in ad revenue that exceeded expectations.

  • Increase in page views: 1.1MM before the redesign; 2MM after.
  • Increase in ad revenues: $60K in 7 months prior to the redesign; $180K in 5 months after. $480K by 2008.


  • Strategic Consulting
  • Design
  • Styleguide Creation